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Naxos is one of the top holiday destinations annually.
Family holidays, sea-sports, alfresco activities (hiking, mountain cycling, horse riding etc.), historical tours to archeological exhibitions and byzantine churches, ancient monuments and temples of Greek Mythology.
Relax onto the endless awarded beaches, total length of 91klm.

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Taste a great variety of sault and sweet viands made out of pure organic products and local traditional recipes of the island.
Escape to the nearby islands for oneday cruises (Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, Irakleia, Sxoinousa, Donousa, Koufonisia).
Attend the production of the famous Graviera Naxou (worldwide known cheece), raki and liquer citron (famous local drinks) in traditional winneries and distilleries of the island, as well as the gathering of the well known and delicious potato of Naxos.
Do not miss to "travel" into the mythological history of the island which is most certain that will amaze you!


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Within a history since the 4th millenium B.C., Naxos is one of the few islands which is inhabited continuously since the prehistoric years till nowdays.
For the 6th and 7th century it has been naval force, emphasizing in commerce, gained considerable wealth and became a prominent sculpture centre. Naxian marble creations can be insited in Delos (Lions of Delos, Kouroi, "The House of Naxians").
In 1207 the Venetian military and crusader, Marcos Sanoudos, establishes ducat with its capital Naxos island and manufactures the commanding castle of Old Town, using the remains of yhe ancient city.
The Venetian domination lasted till 1537, when the island was conquered by Barbarosa and Naxos came into Turkish possesion, who maintained the feudalism.
Naturally, those 330 years left their marks by the Venetian lieges, since many Venetian Towers have been saved around the whole island of Naxos.


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Zeus, the father of all Gods according to ancient Greeks, was born in Crete but grew up in Naxos and this is why the highest mountain of the island was named after him (Zeus, 1000m.). A rock with the inscription"Mountain Zeus Melosiou" is saved up to these days.
According to the myth, Thiseas returning from Crete stopped at Naxos for supplies, with him travelled Ariadne who previously had helped him kill Minotaur, whome was abandoned to the island.
There was when God Dionysos saw sleeping Ariadne, felt in love with her and after marrying her, led her to Zeus Mountain, from where they went up to Olympus, the home of Gods. There Zeus turned Ariadne into immortal Godess.
All over Naxos there are many anexplored caves where are hidden ancient elements of worship ancient Gods and architectural relics.
Esperides were nymphs of ancient Mythology, they were daughters of Zeus and Themis and their goal was to protect the golden apples (whoever ate them kept young forever) which situated in Gods Garden, in Atlas land. This task was assigned to them by Godess Era, wife of God Zeus.

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